We have had alot of valuable feedback from our customers of their experiences with Lakoko balm and we would like to share some of the best from emails and Facebook.  

A New Zealand natural balm that my Chinese friends and family love. 

My name Is Julie Zhang, and I come from China . I have been using Lakoko balm for a few years, my family and friends use it too. We love the balm as it smells amazing and is 100% natural but still very effective. Normally I use the balm on my face, under make -up, my hair and my body. I go to the beach quite often and use it as a sunburn cream.

Lakoko is very easy to use - a little warmed up between your hands and spread it lightly wherever you want it. A little goes a long way !

Lakoko balm has really helped my arthritis. 

I trialled this amazing product for my arthritis, and I highly recommend it!. Within 30 mins the swelling in my hand and feet was reduced and I have discovered it is a fantastic, natural way to help reduce the pain. I have in fact taken very few painkillers since beginning using Lakoko :) We have used it on my daughter's sunburn, with fantastic results and she, being a teenage girl, was extremely happy that it prevented peeling! I highly recommend Lakoko for anyone especially to help treat the symptoms of arthritis. It's something I carry with me ALL THE TIME!

Sarah Shelton, Auckland

I love massaging my boy with Lakoko.

This product is AMAZING! I massage my little boy with it and his skin is so soft! The smell is delicious so that's a bonus. I also love that it is all natural without nasty chemicals in it
I would recommend it to anyone!

Lauren Hill, Auckland

I am hooked on Lakoko - it is truely a multi-use balm.

I have been using Lakoko Balm for 7 months and I am absolutely hooked. I wear it under my makeup every day and I can see a noticeable difference - my skin glows without looking shiny. It also works wonders on feet. In fact, it takes every ounce of willpower not to apply it to ALL exposed areas on a daily basis! Friends and family began commenting on my "suddenly youthful complexion" and now three of my friends are hooked too!

Sarah Moyes, New Zealand 

Soothing mosquito bites..




I have been using Lakoko this past week for mosquito bites here in Warkworth and have to say it’s been brilliant, soothing, and taken away the urge to scratch. Wonderful product with multi-purpose uses on the body.

Jonathan Bennett, Warkworth

“We are both amazed at what it can do.”




While babysitting our niece last year, she accidentally hurt herself while playing at the swing and had a scratched her cheek. We were so worried because it was our duty to take care of her while her parents were out. Then, we thought of putting Lakoko on her cheek since we’ve already been using it on our wounds and scars anyway. After we applied it, her scratch slowly disappeared in less than 15 minutes! We were both amazed with what it can do, and so it has been an essential product in our household for more than 2 years now. :) - Charles and Grace

“I use it everyday on my hair, skin and lips.”




I love lakoko so much. I use it every day on my hair, skin and lips. It's so versatile, I often mix it with lipsticks or use it as a dewy eye mixed with eye shadows. I can’t recommend this product enough!

Charlotte McCrae , Auckland

“I’ve even used it on my puppy’s paws”

Lakoko is my one stop shop! Lip balm, moisturiser, massage balm... I’ve even used it on my puppy’s paws! So natural and so versatile. It’s also great to take on holiday to avoid hauling a pile of different products.

Racheal@ Rovers Return Dog walking