Meet Emma. Emma brings years over 20 years of experience as a bodyworker, teacher and aromatherapist. With over two decades of experience in the complementary health industry, she brings both a passion for holistic health and a collaborative community approach to healing. While teaching Infant Massage, Emma was sent oils from various companies to incorporate into her classes but was often shocked to find these would contain dangerous petrochemicals. Questioning the safety of these ingredients, Emma decided to blend her own. 

While researching the ingredients to put in her balm, Emma realised how versatile many of these ingredients were. And yet, many similar products are marketed for varied uses. Since developing the balm, Emma has found a myriad of uses for her balm; it is a simplified, natural approach to self-care. Lakoko balm was created truthfully, made from some of the most potent, plant-based organic carrier oils, essential oils and beeswax, dedicated to nourishing the skin and healing the body. It was out of a desire to create a genuinely high-quality product that was not subject to "greenwashing". 

A proud mother of two teenage sons; a young vegan and vegetarian, Emma is inspired daily by their commitment to expanding their knowledge and reducing their impact. Her sons' learnings have since alleviated Emma's consciousness of the connection between how we consume and our environmental health. Out of respect for future generations, Emma's focus for Lakoko is one of sustainability — that aims to maximise usefulness and reduce any negative impacts for the planet and humankind.

As such, Emma has chosen to package her balm in glass rather than plastic acknowledging packaging materials are vital to reducing negative environmental impacts. She encourages people to return these glass jars of which are then recycled and reused. Emma also switched to 100% compostable packaging for online orders. Where possible, local wholesale orders are hand-delivered in recycled paper bags or cardboard boxes.

Containing no preservatives, every jar of Lakoko Balm is hand blended from Emma's studio in Auckland, in small batches, ensuring freshness and optimal effectiveness. 

"Small is beautiful".