On a recent trip to Hawaii , Anita discovered this luscious oil kukui nut which heralds from the national tree of Hawaii, being used for centuries first on the Royals and then for all, especially for nourishing delicate baby skins .

Bringing some home from her trip , she began to practice with it in her coveted facials.

Anita has 17 years experience as a beauty therapist and has worked with a variety of skin conditions and products over the years . Out of sheer disbelief at the amount of unnecessary chemicals added to these and the use of cheap substitutes , this fuelled her own desires for a superior product.

Emma has been in the Natural Health Industry for 15 years as a Massage Therapist and teacher of Infant Massage with an International Association
(IAIM) .

She is often sent samples of massage oils from companies asking her to promote their products through her classes . Time and time again she is
confronted with so called “natural”massage oils, sneaking in cheap substitutes such as mineral oil or fragrances , and has to send them back.
The inspiration for Lakoko came from wanting to make a genuine balm , with high quality oils and no artificial preservatives - no hidden nasties or
manipulative wording .

So the ethos is one of honesty - an exotic rejuvenating balm with no false claims !
What we love the most is the versatility , the fact that it is literally a ‘one pot stop” and has multiple uses.

“Everyone in my family uses it at one time or another during the course of the day, for me it the only facial product I need to use now - my husband used it post shaving and in his hair to tame the frizz and my sons love it on pimples or dry skin/rashes - the trouble is finding it as they never put it back where they got it from.! “ Emma McLean , co-founder Lakoko